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Yesterday I wrote about the loss of life and so today I thought I’d try to lighten up a little and write about new life.

Belle, our little Chihuahua, was pregnant for the second time this year.  Well she her first liter of two in January so she was pregnant last year too.  I took her to the vet because she was getting quite large and we were a bit concerned about if she would be able to have them herself because she has a little birth canal (so the vet says).  We took x-rays and found out that she was having 4-6 puppies and that is why she was getting so huge.  (It was hard to see exactly how many were in there because they were all so cramped in there.)  WOW!  If you don’t know much about Chihuahuas this is a large liter for these small dogs, usually the most you see is four pups with an average of three.  The only concern was whether or not she would have enough energy and minerals in her body to complete the entire labor process.

The days went on and Belle’s belly kept growing and growing.  Her due date came and went with no pups.  Each day that passed made me more worried that she wouldn’t be able to birth all of these pups.  I put a baby monitor by her kennel and kept it on during the night so that I would be able to hear her should there be any problems.  Three days after her due date I knew she was getting close because she wouldn’t leave her kennel.  Around 12:45 that afternoon I heard her moving around quite a bit in her kennel so I went to check on her.  She was obviously contracting and unable to reach her hind end due to the large size of her belly.  It was quite a sight.  Finally she laid down and started pushing.  This was the first time I’ve actually watched puppies be born.  It was amazing!  She was such a trooper.  It took her three hours of labor, of which not all of it was intense labor, to have all of them but she did great!

Belle’s PuppiesTwo weeks ago Belle, had five puppies.  That’s right 5 of them!  The first thought came to me was: this means we have a total of nine dogs right now…OMGoodness!  What are we going to do?  Those thoughts quickly passed as I watched Belle care for her new liter.  She is such an awesome mommy!

Three of the puppies are sold already and I’m sure the other two will sell quickly too.  Well that’s my story of recent new life in my life.  I just am amazed at the mammal body and the ability to give birth. 


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One year later and the pain is still raw. Giving credit where credit is due

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