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October 16, 2007 at 11:28 pm Leave a comment

At the end of summer I made a decision to better my education, again.  I decided to go back to college at DMACC.  Right out of high school I was pushed into college by my parents.  I didn’t want to go and my grades showed it.  The only reason I continued to enroll in classes was for insurance reasons (I know, bad decision!).  At first I was only going to take one online class but after meeting with an academic counselor and finding out there is a way to raise my GPA without taking a bunch of new classes I decided to take two classes, one online and one regular class meeting one night per week. 

I’m still not 100% sure about this decision and we are well into the semester.  I feel pretty good about my regular class that I go to and am confident that I will do considerably better in this repeat course than I did the first time.  I enjoy the class, the instructor, and the few people that I’ve actually managed to talk to.  It also offers me an added bonus that I get a little bit of time away from the kids and just a bit of sanity. 

My online class is a different story.  I am not sure about this class and it is, at times, difficult for me to find the time and motivation to complete the required readings that are essential to it.  My original thoughts and intentions on taking this class was that I am always up late online anyway so I might as well be doing something productive with this time.  I didn’t consider that while I am awake and for the most part functioning at the wee hours of the night, I am unable to comprehend and retain the information that is presented to me.  This weekend, after a disappointing test score, I spoke with my family about the situation and we are all going to work together to make sure I find the time to study and work on this course. 

Wish me some luck… because I have a feeling I’m going to need it. 


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