Laundry… the not so simple task for me.

December 17, 2007 at 4:37 pm Leave a comment

Today has been filled with those tasks I hate to do, mainly laundry.  Laundry is my worst enemy.  I don’t mind the washing it but putting it away is the part that I hate the most.  If I wasn’t so obsessive about it maybe it wouldn’t be so bad but I have to hang the shirts as soon as the dryer quits running or else they may get wrinkles in them.  Then they are hung in the closet immediately and sorted by nice clothes and everyday clothes and finally sorted by color.  Folding isn’t such a big deal but then I must find the room to put the clothes in their respective drawers.  Here again my compulsiveness comes out as they must be organized in the drawer according to when they were worn last, if they are “favorites” or not,  colors, stains, etc.  I no longer have to sort socks except for the kiddos’.  DH and I pin our socks with a safety pin before laundering.  Otherwise it would take me forever to sort socks as I try to match according to wear on the socks.  I still do this with the kids but it is less work than doing everyone’s.  DH purposely pins his socks backwards just to annoy me, but I’ve learned to cope with it instead of re-pinning them so that they fold correctly. 

The laundry is now caught up and all put away… for a week hopefully. 

This is just a glimpse into how I manage to make seeminly simple tasks into a big ordeal. 


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