Thankful Thursday- Christmas Innocence

December 20, 2007 at 11:35 pm Leave a comment

This year I anticipated a battle over Christmas presents with Moo Moo.  At 3 1/2 years I truly thought he would be into all the wrapped presents under the tree and really impatient about waiting to open them.  However, I thought that this was an important lesson for him to learn- that waiting is part of the fun of Christmas (as well as other times). 

Three weeks ago I began wrapping presents and placing them under the tree.  While I was wrapping the first of the presents he was there by my side helping as usual.  All of a sudden he broke into full tears and said “I want pwesents for Cwismas.”  It was pure innocence right there in front of me.  As much as I wanted to laugh, I held it back and explained to him that he would get presents too.  I tried to be the empathic mother who understood this innocence and explained it in a way that he would understand. 

In that time he has only picked up the presents a handful of times and only began to unwrap two of them. Instead he just looks at them with anticipation, waiting for the day he can open them.  We have been doing a countdown to assist him in knowing how much longer he has to wait and it is a good teaching tool for learning his numbers (which has been a struggle).  I have been very impressed that when he gets up in the mornings (usually before me) that he doesn’t explore what the wrapped packages have to offer before coming to our room. 

So today I am thankful for the innocence of a three year old and the Christmas spirit that is growing inside of him.  He is so looking forward to Christmas this year and I am sure that it will be lots of fun for all of us.  I am also thankful that it hasn’t been the struggle that I had anticipated and has instead been a teaching tool.


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Coming very soon to my house…. Christmas Memories 07

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