Christmas Memories 07

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Well… I’m a little late on the posting of Christmas memories for this year but here it is.


Christmas Eve we attended our Candlelight Service at our church.  Moo Moo and Wrinkles went to Christmas Eve services with my parents because they don’t do the candle-lighting.   We think it’s better to play it safe on this issue and error on the side of caution when it comes to our children and fire.  Moo Moo is really intrigued with fire right now and church just didn’t seem like a good place to continue to try to teach him about fire… that is best left for times when I can be patient with him and not worry about everything else going on around me.  When we all arrived back home we opened one present each.  (This is a new tradition at our house, every year we will open a present of a new set of pajamas.)  Then it was time to get the boys to bed.  Wrinkles went down with ease but Moo Moo was full of anticipation and it was quite a challenge to get him laid down for the night.  Then Sweetie and Buddy called and wanted to know if they could come over that night rather than in the morning.  Sure!  This is what I had originally wanted anyway but their mom didn’t know what time they would be home so she thought it would be better to wait until Christmas morning.  Dearest Husband went to go get them while I showered, etc. 

Christmas morning everyone slept in until 9:30 a.m.  Mark that down… I’m sure it won’t happen that way again for several years. LOL!  We opened presents here with the kids and everyone started putting together and playing with their newest items. 

Christmas 1 

Then we headed off to the in-laws.  I love them dearly but I get stressed out when we go there (anytime, not just Chrismas).  They have a very small house and by the time we get 11 people there, it’s just too causerphobic for me.  On top of that DH’s step father doesn’t believe in child-proofing at all, so there are way too many things for my children to get in to that they are not supposed to be.  But I manage and things went well.  We opened presents, ate a huge lunch and then parted so I could have my space and remove my children from constant “no’s”.  Wrinkles lived up to his nickname when he decided to lick his plate clean.  It was cute and provided lots of entertainment for the family.  I think everyone managed to get some pictures of this which I’m sure will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Wrinles licking plate clean

Finally it was time for our last Christmas gathering.  My family.  This, for me, is not as bad as getting together with DH’s family but still not what I consider “fun.”  We began with an early supper which I opted out of due to huge lunch mentioned earlier.  Then we opened presents and the children were kept well entertained with their new toys and such. 

ariel-x-mas.jpg                                        chris-xmas.jpg

Then… the sulkiness began from Sweetie… but that’s for a different post at a different time.  Let’s just say we’ll see what happens but things are going to change in this area.

Overall Christmas was a lot of fun and we have lots of good memories along with lots of pictures. 


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