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January 15, 2008 at 9:45 am Leave a comment

Well it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything and to be honest I’m still not really in the mood to post much but I thought I’d drop in for a quick minute.  I am feeling a bit off again.  I’ve decided to start my medication again and stay on it this time.  It’s not fair to my family for me to continue to battle this when I am not winning and they are paying the price.

We are trying to work out a new routine around here.  DH is working 11 hour nights again and no one has made the switch yet.  Everything has been thrown off by the change in his working hours this time: bedtime routines, meals, wake up times, everything.  While we don’t follow a strict routine by any means we generally fall into a routine naturally and it works, we haven’t found that yet.  A (unset) routine is critical for me during school time so that I can (somewhat) plan when I will study, work on assignments, etc. 

I have a few posts that I’ve been working on but none of them feel complete yet.  They aren’t great works but they are things that are near to my heart and I want them to be complete before I share.  I am continuing work on these as the inspiration flows and hopefully I will have some meaningful things to share soon. 

 I’ve been busy organizing, de-cluttering, and generally reducing.  Freecycle has been my friend the last week with lots of things finding new homes where I hope they will get used and be loved. 🙂  We are also going to have a garage sale this spring so I’ve been slowly working on some of the piles for that. 


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The First Week Out of the house

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