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A Great Diaper

I keep meaning to post this so finally here it is.  My experience with a great fitted diaper.

The best fitted diaper currently on the market, in my opinion, is Baby BeeHinds One Size Bamboo diapers.  They are SO absorbent, soft, naturally anti-microbial, made with organic materials, did I mention absorbent?

When Wrinkles was just a tiny babe I would put him to bed in just the Baby BeeHind diaper and lay him on a toddler prefold just in case.  I never needed the toddler prefold because this diaper just soaked it all up.  I would change him the first time he woke up usually 3-4 hours.  Plus it always held in the breastfed poo.  How great its that?  He was able to air out (because a fitted diaper allows so much air to pass) and he was protected, if you know what I mean.  It was a bit bulky but I always used both of the extra snap in “inserts” that came with it.  Had I removed those it would have been trim.  Now Wrinkles is 14 months old.  We are still using the Baby Beehinds.  He has to wear a cover at night these days as he sleeps all through the night (most nights).  The absorbency has held up even has he has grown.  I have never went to a diaper change when he had it on to find the diaper or him completely drenched.  Wet? Yes definitely after a good long nights sleep but not drenched. 

I definitely recommend Baby Beehind One Size Bamboo fitted diapers to anyone who is considering using a fitted cloth diaper to check these out.  They are a little bit more money than some of the others but you only have to buy them once because they will fit (most) throughout the diaper years.  We love them!!


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Water Indulgence

I admit it.  I am hooked on bottled water.  Not just plain old bottled water, I can get that out of my faucet.  No… I want the really bad stuff for me.  The water with additives in it.  Flavored water is my friend, whom I need to discard forever.

Not only am a contributing to environmental waste but I am adding crap to my body every time I drink it.  BUT it tastes so good!  I like to tell myself that it’s not as bad as loading up on soda like I used to do.  But in reality I don’t think it’s any better- especially after reading some of the information tonight about a different “diet” I am considering.  Then there’s always the issue of cost involved.  We easily go thru a six pack of flavored bottled water 2-3 times per week around here.  ((I’m hiding right now))   When I add that all up it really seems like a waste.

If I could get water with some juice or something added to it to make it taste the same- I would! I haven’t figured that out though.  How do these manufacturers do it??? 

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“I don’t like it”

A post on another blog that I frequent quite often got me thinking about the differences in the boys’ eating habits and our current struggles with meal time. 

“I don’t like it,” has become the common response to any inquiry about whether Moo Moo is hungry or not.  Half of the time he doesn’t even know what we are having before I hear these four evil words uttered from his mouth.  Over the last few weeks we have had to remove the words breakfast, lunch, and supper from our vocabulary because when he hears any one of them we get to hear: “I don’t like it!”  Don’t even think about putting something green on his plate because it invokes instant gagging.  Fruit-no, veggies-no, meat- sometimes, breads/pasta- usually.  You may be wondering what exactly do you feed this child and the short answer is: anything I can convince him to eat at that particular moment.  The only things that he will happily eat are butter/margarine, ketchup, and ranch (all of these things plain).  YUCK!

Some days he loves a food and the next time we offer it he absolutely refuses to eat it.  This is very frustrating because I never know if he will eat what I fix or not.  Even when he tells me he wants XX by the time it’s ready to eat he very well may have changed his mind.  Moo Moo has a very strong and prominent gag reflex so we must be careful about how much we push, plead, bargain, and make him sit at the table until everyone else is finished because any one of these things can push him over the edge to where he is vomiting at the table (it comes on fast too).  I struggle with making him something “special” or an alternative to what the rest of us are eating because he may or may not eat the alternative.  Yet at the same time I honestly do not know how the kid is able to survive on the amount of food he eats sometimes.  We have recently went to an instant breakfast mix to make chocolate milk to help ensure that he is getting adequate vitamins and such.  I don’t know what to do about this situation.

On the other end of the spectrum is Wrinkles.  He will eat anything and everything.  His recent newest favorite food is lettuce salad but it has to have a dressing, he won’t eat plain lettuce.  He loves onions, meat, noodles, bread, all fruits, most veggies.  I honestly can not think of anything that he refuses to eat.  Maybe his tastes will change as he grows but I certainly hope not!  Wrinkles is always hungry.  It is normal for him to eat as much if not more than Moo Moo who is two and a half years older than him.  I don’t want him to get (unhealthy) fat but I don’t want to keep him from eating when he needs it. 

As I struggle with this eating issue, I am now trying to sort out all the information on trying to implement a “diet” for Dearest Husband to try to combat his high cholesterol and pre-diabetic conditions.  I also need to start a diet as I have put on more than a few pounds since quitting smoking.  I am torn between going on a high (healthy) fat diet and trying to better monitor portion sizes or going to a low fat diet along with portion control.  I just want something to help with his issues and get him off of his medications (like yesterday) and getting me to quit eating so much. 

Who knew feeding kids could be so difficult?  I certainly didn’t- maybe I missed that memo!?!! LOL!  So in case you haven’t guessed it by now- meal time around here is a struggle in more than one way and a source of stress for me.  I am open to any comments/suggestions you may have on any of the issues. 🙂  Oh and also open to any yummy healthy recipes you have to share as I am feeling like we eat the same things over and over and over again.

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Domestic Violence

(As defined by

  domestic violence
n. the continuing crime and problem of the physical beating of a wife, girlfriend or children, usually by the woman’s male partner (although it can also be female violence against a male). It is now recognized as an antisocial mental illness. Sometimes a woman’s dependence, low self-esteem and fear of leaving cause her to endure this conduct or fail to protect a child. Prosecutors and police often face the problem that a battered woman will not press charges or testify due to fear, intimidation and misplaced “love.” Increasingly domestic violence is attracting the sympathetic attention of law enforcement, the courts and community services, including shelters and protection for those in danger.

One might wonder why I’ve chosen this for post topic today.  The fact of the matter is that this issue has come really close to home for me over the course of the last year, more specifically in the last 24 hours.  My best friend has been dealing with increasing anger, verbal abuse, fighting, and now physical abuse in her marriage.  It is a difficult situation for her to be in and also a difficult position for me, as her best friend and a former friend of her husband.  I am constantly struggling to find comforting words to try to ease the pain, to offer encouragement, and to try to get her out of the situation… all without injuring our friendship. 

When I first met M. we didn’t hit it off, in fact I disliked her quite I bit.  Looking back, I can’t really even tell you why I didn’t like her except that we were much younger and still very impressionable by our friends.  Then she started dating my friend R.  At first I didn’t like it at all but I saw how much she cared for him so I began to accept it.  (What other choice did I have?)  Over time we somehow became close friends, eventually eachother’s confidant.  She knows things about me that I would never dream of telling anyone else other than my DH. She stood by my side through the darkest days of my life… against everyone telling her to forget about me and that I was a lost cause.  A year later the two of us ended up sharing our first pregnancies together, although neither one of us were planning on starting our family at that time.  Our boys were born less than 3 weeks apart.  The experience of our son’s growing up together has been awesome!  We were both married during that time, to men who are 8 years older than us.  The similarities and experiences go on and on.  We have shared so much!

R. has a drinking problem.  As long as I have known him, he has been a heavy and constant drinker.  M. grew up with an alcoholic parent and doesn’t want that for their child.  This has been the main source of fighting in their marriage.  They have other problems too, don’t get me wrong, but this is the one that always causes issues.  Last night, after a day at the bar with their son, R. came home to M.  She knew he had been drinking and was not happy with the situation, especially because their child had been with him.  Screaming led to destruction of property which led to more screaming, which led to crying, which eventually turned into R. grabbing M. by the throat and slapping her as hard as he could.  The sheriff was called.  Investigation was done, firearms were removed from the home (R. is and avid hunter), and R. went to jail.  He is being charged by the state with domestic assault- and rightfully so.

Maybe this will be a wake-up call.  For who?  I’m not sure.  I hope that either this is the last straw for her and that she will leave him for good or that maybe this will be the wake-up call for him to realize that he has a problem and needs to get help.  Either way I pray it does not happen again for M. and their son (and the baby she is currently pregnant with). 

It’s easy for the outsider to say: “Just leave him,”  “He’s not worth it,” etc. but when you’re the one living the situation it’s not always that easy or that cut and dry.  I understand that because I have been in abusive relationships before myself.  I just hope that whatever needs to happen there happens before something really bad does happen. 

Please pray for them!

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