A Great Diaper

March 17, 2008 at 11:02 pm Leave a comment

I keep meaning to post this so finally here it is.  My experience with a great fitted diaper.

The best fitted diaper currently on the market, in my opinion, is Baby BeeHinds One Size Bamboo diapers.  They are SO absorbent, soft, naturally anti-microbial, made with organic materials, did I mention absorbent?

When Wrinkles was just a tiny babe I would put him to bed in just the Baby BeeHind diaper and lay him on a toddler prefold just in case.  I never needed the toddler prefold because this diaper just soaked it all up.  I would change him the first time he woke up usually 3-4 hours.  Plus it always held in the breastfed poo.  How great its that?  He was able to air out (because a fitted diaper allows so much air to pass) and he was protected, if you know what I mean.  It was a bit bulky but I always used both of the extra snap in “inserts” that came with it.  Had I removed those it would have been trim.  Now Wrinkles is 14 months old.  We are still using the Baby Beehinds.  He has to wear a cover at night these days as he sleeps all through the night (most nights).  The absorbency has held up even has he has grown.  I have never went to a diaper change when he had it on to find the diaper or him completely drenched.  Wet? Yes definitely after a good long nights sleep but not drenched. 

I definitely recommend Baby Beehind One Size Bamboo fitted diapers to anyone who is considering using a fitted cloth diaper to check these out.  They are a little bit more money than some of the others but you only have to buy them once because they will fit (most) throughout the diaper years.  We love them!!


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