More than just April Fool’s Day

April 1, 2008 at 10:59 pm Leave a comment

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary.   

Dear Husband and I were planning an August wedding (Aug. 22nd to be exact) but behold there were other plans in place for our future as our first child was due Aug. 31st.  I didn’t want to be a.) so pregnant that I couldn’t fit in the wedding dress, let alone being hot and miserable in the height of Iowa humid hotness  or b.) delivering or recovering from delivery.  Although it had not been officially discussed it was assumed that we would wait until after Moo Moo was born for the wedding.  We were driving on one of the main roads in Newton and DH looked over at me and said “Let’s get married… now.”  Well now wasn’t going to work because no preparations had been made but we looked at the calendar and decided to do it on April Fool’s Day.  We weren’t going to tell anyone except our witnesses- not even our parents- we planned on “eloping”.  That plan soon changed as we found that eloping wasn’t really all that cheap and so we decided to get married in the small, rural church with just our closest family and friends in attendance.  Afterall it was extremely short notice and it was taking place on a Thursday. 

Honestly it wasn’t the day that I had dreamed of all my life.  It was small, quiet, and yet so beautiful.  Suddenly all the things that I had dreamed of seemed completely unimportant.  All that mattered was that I was joining my life with my best friend.  Someone who loved me unconditionally, someone I knew I could count on.  It didn’t matter that the decorations weren’t extravagant or that the matron of honor wore a consignment store dress or that DH wore my dad’s suit.  It was a day full of a new life and the promise of blessings to follow.  We had cake and ice cream at the church following the short service.  Then we went out to eat at a local steak house.  I had horrible “all-day sickness” (not just morning sickness) with the pregnancy and got sick on the way to eat.  We stayed in a local hotel that night.  Again, not the “honeymoon” of my dreams but it didn’t matter.  Dear Husband returned to work the next evening. 

A wonderful, memorable, blessed day filled with the most important thing: Love. 


The years that have followed have been great.  We rarely fight and only argue upon rare occasion.  We fill our home with love and acceptance.  It can be done even in the days of now, where is seems few marriages make it even this far.  I know the struggles of life are not over but I know that we can and will make it through the difficult times.  I love you honey!


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