Long days, long nights

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We’ve all had the end of winter/beginning of spring cold around here for the last couple of weeks.  Everyone except Wrinkles who had come trough relatively well with only a slightly runny nose and a severe eye infection.  The eye infection was caught early and treatment began luckily without the use of IV antibiotics. 

Until Monday.  Everything changed quickly and dramatically.  He began laying around, wanting to be held nonstop, and running a temp.  No big deal- the temp. is his body’s way of fighting off the infection.  At midnight his temp. skyrocketed to 104.2.  Now what?  Do I go to the ER wait for hours and find absolutely nothing out?  After two hours of sponging, sitting in the tub, giving tylenol it finally went down to where I was comfortable enough to wait until morning. 

After 4 short hours of sleep we were up and headed to the pediatricans office.  I wasn’t going to mess around with this one.  We went in on walk-in basis and surprisingly waited less than 15 minutes to see the nurse practioner. Fever, throat red, ears clear.  She ordered a blood count, strep test, and influenza test.  Strep and influenza both came back negative.  Blood counts were elevated though.  She recommended that we do x-rays to check for pneumonia.  I thought “yeah right, whatever!”  Good thing she did this or who knows what we would have been facing.  The x-rays came back and she showed me the pneumonia he is facing.  Scary!! They gave him a shot of antibiotics and re-check today (Wed.).  If everything looks good continue with oral antibiotics.

Last night his fever continued to raise.  At 2 a.m. it was 105.0.  It scares me to think what it would have been minus tylenol, ibuprofen, and the antibiotic shot.  Again it lowered within in a couple of hours to a more comfortable level.  We headed back in to the ped’s office this morning.  No improvement on blood count, lost 1/2 pound in 24 hours, and still running a temp.  Frustration!  Another antibiotic shot, an IV mostly saline with some additional antibiotic, and re-check yet again tomorrow (Thurs.). 

Hopefully things will be better tomorrow and we can continue with the oral antibiotics.  So far tonight his temp. has not spiked AND he’s slept for 2 1/2 straight hours!

This is not what I expected to do with my whole week but we will do whatever is necessary to make him well again.  It is such a helpless feeling when your little one is sick and there’s nothing to do that will make him better.  Add a tired mommy to the mix and you end up spending lots of time relaxing on the couch just holding and comforting the sick. 

Moo Moo has been awesome through it all.  He has been keeping it pretty low key around here which is nice to have quiet, relaxing time.  Granted he’s been glued to the TV for the last 2 days but he hasn’t seemed to mind.  We had a chance to snuggle and talk tonight before he went to bed.  It was great to be able to hold him and explain (again, but in more detail) everything that has been going on.  He is going to go to the farm tomorrow to spend time with his aunt.  Just in case they would do something crazy with Wrinkles like admit him to the hospital.  I’m sure he will have a blast even though the weather sounds like it will be icky. 

To top it all off, in my sleep deprived state I have lost my cell phone with a dead battery.  At least I have insurance.  I filed the claim tonight because I need my phone and after looking extensively have been unable to find it.  I’m too tired and lack the care right now to look any longer.  I pay for the insurance so now it’s their turn to rescue me.

Things will get better once again.  It’s just been a yucky week.  I will update tomorrow after we return from the doctor.  No news is bad news in this case latest update will be midnight Thursday night/Fri. morning. 🙂 

Ooops… gotta go.  Wrinkles is up so I’m in for another long night most likely.



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