Quick Update

April 10, 2008 at 8:29 pm Leave a comment

Wrinkles has improved.  We did not have to be admitted to the hospital today…. thankfully! 🙂  We had another shot of antibiotics and started the oral antibiotics tonight as well.  Today he had regained 4 oz. so that was good news.  Tomorrow we go through the same routine… re-check with the pediatrician and hopefully no shots tomorrow.  They also started him on some Albuterol liquid today to help loosen everything in his lungs.  I think he is starting to feel a little better as today wasn’t quite so much whining and he actually got down and played for 5-10 min. intervals in between naps. 

Moo Moo had fun at the farm today even though it was rainy all day.  He got to see the bottle calves and some of the lambs.  He has been talking non-stop about it all afternoon and night.  He wanted to stay there but I decided to make him come home instead of staying the night.  Maybe sometime soon he can have a sleepover with his cousins.

Grandpa watched Wrinkles tonight so I could get out of the house for a short time with Moo Moo. It was good for us to have a little one on one time and Grandpa enjoyed spending some time with Wrinkles, even though he is sick. 

That’s all from here for today.



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