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Time for T-Ball

 So if there were a contest for the worst mom in terms of taking pictures I would probably win… LOL!  I always forget my camera.  Maybe it’s because I really dislike it?  Not a valid excuse but the only one I can come up with.  This picture was taken with my cell phone so I didn’t have a lot of editing choices and it’s hard to see.  But there he is getting ready to take a swing with his coach behind him.   

Anyway, this was Moo Moo’s second time at T-ball this past weekend.  He seems to really be enjoying it, periodically I have to remind him to put on his “listening ears” and do what the coach tells them to do but he does pretty good.  He dislikes the running but loves catching, throwing, and hitting.  We “play” against other teams all of the same age group.  It is totally non-competitive and just an introduction into t-ball/baseball fundamentals.  They don’t keep score, have positions, or anything fancy like that- this was one of the big factors in chosing to let him play already. 

I promise to produce better pictures in the coming weeks.


May 19, 2008 at 9:23 pm 3 comments

Camera Fever

I have camera fever.  I really want a new camera.  I’m tired of my old camera because nearly all of the pictures taken require editing just to look okay.  I am currently using a Kodak Easy Share camera that is several years old; however I am completely unimpressed with the results from it so I’m pretty sure I don’t want another Easy Share.  I have tried everything to get rid of red eye in my pictures to no avail.  The shutter speed is extremely slow thus losing some really great shots. 

What do I want in a camera?  Good question.  I know that I want to take great pictures in basically any situation- action, landscape/nature, indoors, people, group shots, etc., etc.  I would like to have a camera that allows me explore with the settings but not overly complicated in that I have to set it up for every situation.  I would like this camera to be able to grow with me and my abilities (if that is possible).  My ideal camera would have the extra lens to go with it, I think. 

So… if you have a camera you love would you please tell me about it.  I am completely lost in my search.  Also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got it and any other relevant details I may need to know.  Or if you know of a good site that recommends cameras based on answering questions I would be interested in checking those out too.

May 14, 2008 at 8:05 pm 6 comments