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Sunday Drives

This summer we have started a little tradition of visiting the national reserve near our home every Sunday.  We always go in the evening because it is cooler and the buffalo and elk are more likely to be seen.  Sometimes we start or end the drive with a stop at the little ice cream store in town.  Moo Moo loves to see the wildlife and although Wrinkles doesn’t seem to really care the drives do help him to wind down a bit just before bedtime. 

Moo Moo always wants to know why the buffalo look mad all the time until he saw this one which he says is smiling.

This mama and her babe put on quite the show for us.  They were content to have many pictures taken of them.  When we first saw these two they were playing together, it was very neat to see, then baby decided his belly needed filled up.

This year there seems to be a lot of deer within the fences of the preserve.  Usually the deer leave during the summer but seek haven within the refuge from the hunters during the winter months. 

Nothing ends the weekend and our Sunday drive like a beautiful sunset.


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Summer has definitely taken over our lives around here.  Little time has been spent inside and even at home lately.  Obviously, since I haven’t posted in over a month…. how did that happen?…. my blog has been a very low priority.  After a mini family vacation in which we completely unplugged from all electronics it has been surprisingly difficult to get back into blogging.  However, I have lots of fun things to share with everyone; pictures of our adventures, new updates on things on the homefront, etc, etc.  I will start catching up tomorrow.

Until then… let’s do a pay it forward giveaway.  Just leave a comment telling me what fun things you have been doing this summer to enter. 

What will you receive?  Good question.  I’m completely unsure but I doubt you will be disappointed.  I will put a box of goodies together.  I have a couple of ideas floating around.

If you win I ask, although it is completely voluntary, that you post a picture of what you receive on your own blog (if you have one).  I would also ask that you do your own pay it forward contest to keep the fun times going…. again not required but appreciated.  That’s all.

This giveaway ends Friday afternoon, July 18, at 5:00 PM CST.

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